Fiaz Hussain

Software Engineer
Software Engineer

● About 12 years of IT experience in Analysis, Architecture, Design, Development, Testing and
Implementation of various Client / Server, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android Applications.
● Mobile Development experience of over 12 years in iPhone/iPad development in native
Swift,Objective C , Java and Kotlin.
● Involved in the whole process from idea to deployment using agile methodology. Specialized in
enterprise applications. Strict practitioner of Cocoa coding conventions and style.
● Excellent knowledge in core concepts like Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Memory
Management (Memory proling and performance tuning), Persistent Data and Data Structures,
Dependency Injection, MVC pattern and MVVM pattern.
● Proficiency in Objective-C and Swift, Kotlin and Java.
● Experience in working with third party libraries and frameworks such as ReactiveCocoa,
AFNetworking, Crashlytics, CorePlot. and integrating them with CocoaPods.
● Good knowledge of GCD, Blocks, Operation Queue. Knowledge of MapKit, ARCGIS ESRI maps,
CoreLocation, Chat UI framework JSQMessage, CoreGraphics, CoreData Created multiple reusable
components such as Circular Menu, TreeView, Graph Plotter, DynamicRequestQueue etc.. as part
the projects worked on. Worked using Agile, Waterfall and Test Driven Development
methodologies. Experience in working with repositories in GIT, SVN.
● Experience in writing Unit Testing cases using XCTest. Knowledge of App distribution and
provisioning on Apple developer portal. Enterprise app distribution and deployment (OTA).
● Broad experience in leading a team (onsite/oshore model) and in coordinating closely with QA and
business analysts. Worked at Apple in a contractual position
● WEB RTC for Live Video & Audio Streaming
● REST API’s (Retrofit and other HTTP Libraries for Android and iOS) integration
● PayPal and other Payment Systems
● Android NDK Development
● Strong knowledge of Software Development Life cycle
● Hands on experience with Data structures and Algorithms
● FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) Services integration
● Firebase Real-time Database Android In App Purchase & Subscription integration
● GPU Image Processing for android