Pricing factors
Some businesses are characterized by waves of fluctuations in market competition.
For example, the competition in the tourism sector is higher in the summer, which affects the prices of SEO services.
The cost of services directly depends on the competitiveness of a particular region.
For example, for search engine SEO-optimization of a website in Moscow, the price can be much higher compared to a small regional center.
Changing how search algorithms work
Search engines in the fight against "black" optimizers are constantly
Search engines in the fight against "black" optimizers are constantly complicating their algorithms, and it becomes more and more difficult to adapt to them.
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Why order search engine promotion of an online store, if you can use it? Let’s start with why you need SEO services for website optimization at all? Maybe it’s enough just to fill the pages with unique content and wait for the user to find the information he needs? In principle, for some information platforms it works, because if the content is truly exclusive, then a person will get to it even on the twentieth page of the search results – there are no competitors.

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Site age

Older domains are much better indexed by search engines. The methods of working with new resources are fundamentally different, and therefore the prices may vary.

The higher your site is in the search results, the more users will visit it per unit of time;
The more users go to the site, the higher the likelihood of making a purchase of a product / service or other targeted action;
Finally, the more transactions you make on your site, the higher your sales revenue or ad revenue.
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SEO optimization

However, the situation is completely opposite for commercial sites, the main purpose of which is to make a profit. For such resources, the saying “Time is money” is extremely relevant. The more time a potential customer spends looking for your site, the more likely they are to find an alternative offer from a more advanced competitor. The logical chain is very simple:

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SEO optimization

So the question is “Are SEO optimization services required for a commercial website?” is rhetorical. Certainly required. However, the following logical question arises: “How much does SEO (SEO) site optimization cost?”

The answer to it is more multifaceted, since it all depends on the meaning of this concept. Some in quotation marks “SEO-agencies” offer SEO services for website optimization inexpensively – at dumping prices for Moscow, or even free of charge as a bonus service. However, such contractors usually limit themselves to registering the site with Yandex and running it through social bookmarks. In the best case, a couple or three of the title pages are optimized for one low-frequency query like “buy flat-footed insoles in Nizhnevartovsk very cheaply”. In fact, the list of necessary work is much longer, we will present it somewhat below.

Common Misconception

There is also a common misconception that search engine SEO optimization of a site has the same cost, regardless of the type and age of the resource. However, there are a number of factors that directly affect the pricing process.