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Custom software development
has many advantages:

Software development order.

To place a pre-order, you must submit an application to the "CreatIt" company. To submit it,

Preliminary discussion

Preliminary discussion of conditions, estimation of time, development cost.

Drawing up

technical specifications for development. This document describes all the functions that the software will perform.


After the approval of the technical assignment, the contract for the creation of software is signed.

software development.

During the development process, there is a close interaction between.

end of the development

At the end of the development of the software product, the parties sign an acceptance certificate.
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"Aegis Solutions" company uses only the latest and most advanced technologies in the field of IT.


finished software product is provided to the customer on a CD with an automatic launch mechanism.

Convenience documentation

describing the mechanism for working with it, so that any of your employees can master
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CMS and CRM systems
Develop powerful solutions quickly

Custom software development is an effective and the only way to get a high-quality software product that exactly solves the specific tasks of your business. Very often, in order to save money, companies use ready-made third-party software systems designed to solve similar problems, but as practice shows, the restrictions imposed by these programs are so great that the productivity of doing business is greatly reduced. The obvious way out of the situation here is to develop a software product that solves your tasks.